In the table below, you will find the points value attributed to each trail on a specific route.

The points relative to the route will be deducted from your Value and Multi-day Card upon utilisation.

We are available to provide any further information on the operation of point cards. You can contact us by telephone or email.

To fully experience the charm of the Dolomites, take advantage of our cards.

We look forward to experiencing carefree moments together in the open air in one of the most spectacular areas of the Alps.

Falzarego - Lagazuoi 145
5 Torri 149
Fedare - Nuvolau 149
Cortina - Col Drusciè 100
Col Drusciè - Ra Valles 80
Ra Valle - Cima Tofana 40
Cortina - Mandres 99
Mandres - Faloria 81
Rio Gere - Son Forca 128
Son Forca - Forcella Staunies 96
Guargnè - Col Tondo 60
Col Tondo - Mietres 57
Misurina - Col de Varda 99
Piè Tofana - Duca D'Aosta 98
Duca D'Aosta - Pomedes 52
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